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Pulse powder delivery of 0.25mg for a few seconds

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    I am trying to create a laboratory scale system, where I would like to deliver 0.25 mg of a substance which is granular and powder like consistency. I would like to pulse it for a few seconds and stop it. Can anybody tell me a good delivery mechanism for this. I have a method to disperse it but I am not able to find a bulk delivery system for that specs.

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    Would this be for an experiment pertaining to fluid mechanics? If so you should be able to use an injection method similar to dye. If even if its not fluids related a dye-analogous method may be worth investigating.
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    Hi Aero 51. I could not succeed in the injection method as I am not supposed to liquefy or convert it to an aerosol. When used as is, the powder only compacts but does not come out. I tried using a Auger Feed mechanism (1.5 cm dia) but it was too large for the dosage I am looking into. The particle size is about 20microns in dia for my particles. Thank you for your suggestion though.
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    If caking is an issue you could always use the injection method with the added configuration of high frequency, low amplitude vibrations throughout the delivery system.
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    Pharmaceutical tablet presses and capsule fillers come to mind.
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