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PWM Drive to H-Bridge with IR2113

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    I am using 4 MOSFETs in an H-bridge. The H-bridge is controlled with two MOSFET drivers (specially IR2113). I aim to drive the H-bridge via PWM which is carrying a 50Hz sine wave.

    Note that, the load is not a motor. Instead, the H-bridge is being used as a inverter. My question is, does the PWM need to be inverted for one of the drivers? Each driver will handle one side of the H-bridge, so there will be a left-side driver and a right-side driver.

    Assuming I feed the left-hand side driver with PWM waveform direct from the microcontroller, should I invert the PWM in order to control the right hand side?

    I suppose the question really is, how do I drive an H-bridge, intended for inverter application?
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    Have you gone on International Rectifier site or other companies to download data sheet and application notes. I deal with H bridge before and I remember I got all sort of theory of operation from them. I am no expert on switching supply, I only read enough to tell my engineer what to look for at the time. So I don't want to tell you something that might be wrong. Just go on the web and you'll get plenty of this.

    If I am not mistaken, I think I used the IR2113 before and it has both invert and non inverted output. But don't quote me, this was back in 94 and it's almost 20 years already!!! AND my memory is leaking out quite badly!!!! There are plenty high side and low side MOSFET Drivers to choose from, find the one you want if IR2113 is not the right one. I remember they have models to cover all combinations.
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    There is micro controllers that contain power pwm module for switching power supply and motor control applications.

    The power PWM module give you both the signal and the complement of it.

    PIC18f2331 and PIC18f4331 from micro chip contain these features, you can download the datasheet and see these modules.
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