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Inverter circuit shoot-thru HELP!

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    Hey everyone, Im working on a project right now and am having some problems with it. It is an inverter consisting of a tl494 PWM IC running at 50 to 200Khz, discrete gate driver, gate drive transformer made with 6 turns of cat5 cable, and an H-bridge of mosfets, irfp840s I think. Anyways, my problem is that I can't PWM the output, I scoped the output of my gate driver and its good, nice square wave output, same thru the GDT, but when I hook the GDT to my mosfets, The waveform looks more like a sine wave than a square wave. Im using 33ohm resistors on the gates, with +/- 15V gate voltage. The output of the H bridge is a clean square wave, but I cant PWM it, Ill turn the duty cycle down on the tl494 and the output will still be 100%, If I turn the duty cycle up past around 30%, I get shoot-thru, even though im using a +/- gate drive set up, anyone have any suggestions?
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    You would have to put a load across the centre of the H-Bridge and observe the waveform across it with a differential oscilloscope.

    Maybe a load of about 100 ohms.

    Are you already doing that?
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    Yes, but I am able to see a waveform with or without a load. I have been using a 60W light bulb as a test load and a 10:1 probe
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