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QM parred down to a few lines.

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    I will explain QM. And a Omnesient person/character.

    1.) A plane is composed of a triangle. Or three planar(on a plane) point, that aren't formin a line(colinear), form a "Plane".

    2.) In this triangle is the triangle inequality theorem. So it follows.

    3.) This theorem is composed as Q = Action < Q + A = 2Reaction

    4.) Triangle inequality theorem = Triangle inequality theorem. So, since we act without knowing the answer, we will always be less than the Q & A.

    5.) 1.) through 5.) explain the indetermination in Quantum Mechanics.

    6.) Q & A existed before we asked a Q.

    7.) Q = Q. So who thought before us ? And also knew the Answer to thoughts questions ?

    8.) Therefore QM will never provide a whole Q&A, & the closer we get to one the closer someone else is to seeing the Q.

    Check it out. 1 through 8. I'm not being religious in my points. Just deductive.

    Read points 1 through 8, and tell me if you understand.

    I posted this hear for selfadjoint mainly.
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    Off to theory development.
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    Somebody answer my post. :rofl:
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    :uhh: By QM I assume you mean quantum mechanics. If you really do mean quantum mechanics, it appears you have no idea what quantum mechanics is.

    - Warren
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    Fair enough.
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    That had to be the most hilarious exchange between two people on this board i've seen since i've been on here. This is classic stuff.
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