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Quantum Nonlocality and Causation

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    What, if anything, do the nonlocal correlations in the results of EPR experiments indicate with regards to causation? (That is, with regards to whether or not/how causation is [is not] operative in giving the resulting correlated measurements?)
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    Causality is one thing and another the Nonlocality
    any event can affect two or more events set apart

    “It isn’t necessarily that something in region 2 is causally
    influencing something in region 1, or vice versa. It is
    always possible that there is some other event, neither
    in region 1 nor region 2, which was not determined by
    [λ], and which itself causally influences both [beables in
    region 1] and [in region 2]. The point is, though, that this
    causal influence would have to be non-local"

    and in the the overlap of the backward light cones of the events.
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