1. S

    I Confused by nonlocal models and relativity

    Hello everyone! Recently I saw this paper: ("Any nonlocal model assuming “local parts” conflicts with relativity " by Antoine Suarez). He mentions standard experimental configuration with beam-splitters and detectors. Then he distinguishes possible models...
  2. Auto-Didact

    A Experimental evidence of non-local quantum forces

    Becker et al. 2019, Asymmetry and non-dispersivity in the Aharonov-Bohm effect The paper is open access and published in Nature Communications.
  3. A

    A Does Bell's theorem imply nonlocality using a false assumption

    In, the author (Donald A. Graft) concludes that Bell tests cannot refute local realism, because they employ a wrong analysis. He says: "The quantum joint prediction cannot be recovered in an experiment with separated (marginal) measurements...
  4. D

    A Reproducing Quantum Experiments

    The Nature (Sept 4, 2009), (Science News, Oct. 24, 2009) article on the violation of Bell’s Inequality in Josephson phase quibits exquisitely demonstrated by Dr. John Martinis with his Martinis Group at UC Santa Barbara and Dr. Chris Monroe’s “Schrödinger’s Cat” demonstration with a Be+ ion...
  5. J

    I Is Bohmian mechanics wrong? According to lubos, bohmian mechanics is certainly wrong because "its basic classical object – the guiding wave – is in principle unobservable because a change of it should in principle impact things at a distance...
  6. N

    I Do nonlocal QM interpretations violate relativity?

    Do interpretations of QM that are non local (Bohmian, collapse, transactional) violate relativity since they allow for faster than light travel?
  7. N

    I Does this paper rule out the Transactional Interpretation? They claimed to have shown that non local causaulity models of QM do not work. But does that include the Transactional interpretation, which is non local and retrocausal?
  8. Gary0509

    I Quantum nonlocality in relation to FTL Communication

    With a modest understanding of 'spooky action at a distance', I've been informed that using entangled particles as a form of quantum bit system would not work for vast distances. It wouldn't be a viable option to communicate instantly with points like our moon, satellites orbiting Jupiter, or...
  9. jfizzix

    Insights Steering: How the EPR-Paradox Fits Between Entanglement and Nonlocality - Comments

    jfizzix submitted a new PF Insights post Steering: How the EPR-Paradox Fits Between Entanglement and Nonlocality Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  10. adfreeman

    B Bohr vs Einstein: is the Moon there when we are not looking?

    For some time now I’ve been intrigued by the famous argument between Bohr and Einstein, and which was apparently settled when Bell’s inequality was tested in various experiments carried out by Alain Aspect. After going around and around the whole issue for a while, I don’t think I’m convinced...
  11. J

    A Shocker: PR Box is logically inconsistent

    If correct, Uzan refutes Popescu and Rohrlich. To me this seems like a big deal. Super-Quantum, Non-Signaling Correlations Cannot Exist Pierre Uzan Comments?
  12. A. Neumaier

    An abstract long-distance correlation experiment

    Inspired by stevendaryl's description of an EPR-like setting that doesn't refer to a particle concept, I want to discuss in this thread a generalized form of his setting that features a class of long-distance correlation experiments but abstracts from all distracting elements of reality and from...
  13. Z

    Problem of superluminal communication in Non-local HVTs

    Hi there. I have been studying on Bell Inequalities and hidden variables problem for quite some time now however my general knowledge on the problem of superluminal communication is superficial at best. I know that non of the standing interpretations (Everett, Copenhagen, Bohmian, QBist etc.)...
  14. G

    What's the problem with (non-causal) nonlocality?

    Hi, In all the discussions about EPR, Bell's inequality and interpretations of QM locality seems to be a property that nobody likes to drop light-heartedly. This is somehow understandable since SR is an extremely successful theory. But SR only says that we cannot transmit information faster...
  15. Gary Boothe

    A Gedanken Experiment Regarding Bell's Theorem and Nonlocality

    A GEDANKEN EXPERIMENT REGARDING BELL'S THEOREM AND NONLOCALITY Let’s say I have four boxes with three compartments in each one, and each compartment contains either a white sock or a black sock. This is analogous to photons having spin components either clockwise or counterclockwise (black or...