Quantum physics vs classical physics

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    the chapter of quantum physics vs classical physics will be one of the topic that i will be tested in final exam,but i'm a little confused by them..so i need a good references to refer to..could you please recommend me some good website as i can refer to..i have found this linkhttp://www.glenbrook.k12.il.us/gbssci/phys/Class/refln/u13l3b.html appears to be my favorite references but sadly,it only reaches until the topic for optic rays..so i really do need a good references,please do recommend me and thanks for guiding me along my way as well...thanks..
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    The main difference between the two is philosophical (many of your best references might lie outside the realm of science as a consequence of this...). The backbone of classical physics is deterministic whereas quantum physics is indeterministic. The mathematics for each reflects this difference in approach. I would start by googling these words and getting a clear picture of what they mean before hunting for references.

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    i got you..so in fact i just want to get some references to help me get a clearer picture of it....:blushing:
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