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Quantum Visualization

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    I wonder if anyone knows of a slow motion simulation of single particle double slit interference? I can easily visualize this in my mind but I lack the tools to construct it myself. I picture an electron as a small blue circle being emitted at a random deviate angle from perpendicular to the slit plate and screen. As the electron approaches the plate it could be made dimmer and the wave functions could be depicted traversing the slits and if the wave functions reunite constructively the electron brightens as it hits the screen, if not the electron fades out. I don't know if that is accurate because it ignores the "sum of all possible paths" of the wave function but it seems to rationalize the mechanics for me.
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    Wait a second, that's not right. When the wave functions reunite constructively at the screen the electron re materialises. That "feels" better, like the electron is always conserved, when it does arrive at the detection screen... in its probabilistic destination.
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