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Quasistatic process.

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    What is Quasistatic process?

    the first law of thermodynamics for a quasitatic process:

    dH = δQ + Vdp ------> A

    if it is quasi static dp should be very small which can be ignored and hence dH = δQ

    so how come the equation "A" holds true for a quasi static process.
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    Andrew Mason

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    the dP in your equation is the change in pressure of the gas, not the difference between the internal and external pressures. In a quasi-static process dP is not necessarily 0.

    For example, in a quasi-static adiabatic expansion, the pressure is constantly decreasing so you have to take into account the ∫VdP term to find the ΔH. So in that case ΔH ≠ ΔQ.

    ΔH = ΔQ only if the internal gas pressure is constant during the process.

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