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Quaternion conversion in satellite attitude using sun-earth sensors simulation

  1. Nov 26, 2009 #1
    I need to convert quaternion (q) to a form that is suitable to show changing attitude of a Satellite. like new x,y,z vectors of a satellite.I dont know the math of quaternions. I am getting updated state using rung -kutta 4 method where state vector x=[q(1:4) wx wy wz a(1:3) b(1:3)].I can convert quaternion to euler angles but dont know further how to convert these to x,y,z of a satellite(updated) which will tell x,y,z position of a satellite after its state vector(x) was updated.

    the sequence of operations I am doing are
    % Simulation data
    % Spacecraft data
    % Gyro data
    % Sensor data.
    % Control system initialization
    % Generate the orbit
    % el = [a,i,W,w,e,M]. The spacecraft is in geostationary orbit
    % Initial conditions at equinox
    % Sun and earth vectors
    % Run the simulation
    here I am using RK4 for solving differential equation which is giving me an updated state vector x​
    % Attitude Determination
    here I am getting q​
    % Plot results

    I shall be very grateful to all for help in this regards

    Thanks again in advance for your time and efforts
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