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Question about friction ?

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    A block whose weight is 45N rests on a horizontal table.
    A horizontal force of 36N is applied to the block .
    The coefficients of static and kinetic friction are 0.65 and 0.42, respectively.
    Will the block move under the influence of the force, and if so, what will be the block's acceleration?

    Thanks for you help.
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    Explorer, this sounds a lot like a homework problem to me. There is a place on the board for this, and I'll request it be moved. To help you with your problem I'll give you some general ideas about this problem.

    1st you have the normal force and both coeficients of friction. Look up the equation for how coeffiecients and normal force work together to produce a resistive force.

    2nd Calculate what force must be overcome to get the block moving(static friction). Do you have enough force being applying to overcome this barrier?(that's part one)

    3rd If the block does slide, calculate the net force on the system( the force of you pushing mius kinetic friction)?

    4th use the net force on the system & the known mass of the system with newtons second law(F=ma) to determine acceleration.

    Hope this helps
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