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Engineering Question about Industrial Engineering

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    I'm currently a Junior in Mechanical Engineering, and i'm finding out that I really hate it. I'm taking classes like Therodynamics and Fluid mechanics and I hate the classes, they are really boring to me.
    I was thinking about switching to Industrial engineering becuase i took an advanced economics class and enjoyed and aced it. The only reason im not changing to Economics or Buis. is that i want a more technical degree.
    As an Industrial engineer, do I have to study things like fluid mechanics and thermo dynamics?
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    To me, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer are the greatest engineering subjects in the universe. Different strokes for different folks. It looks like you will be happier in industrial engineering.
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    but as an industrial engineer, would i have to take fluid mechanics and all that?
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    You will need Thermo but not Fluids or Heat Transfer.

    I believe Thermo is standard for all CE, ME and IE programs.
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    Depends on the University you attend...I did Industrial Engineering and I did thermo, fluid mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer, mechanics of machines, engineering design I and II etc. Even in my final year I was given the option of selecting many mechanical courses which I did. So I would say that 75-80% of my industrial degree was mechanical courses.
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    Usually I feel bored of a book, a news article any writings, or math problems because I don't understand what they are telling me or how to solve them; I hate a subject because it asks me to do too much and I am stressful each day, since I am lazy and never learn to make myself a simple timetable. I think I still have over 2 more years to realize and appreciate that whatever I am being taught is never ever useless and that it is never important of such a college BS. Later I think I would love to learn to practice speaking, writing, listening and above all to learn how to accept things.
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    Ato, here's a hint: if you are still at the university where you have access to the Industrial Engineering curriculum list, and you're asking this forum 'what coursework is required?', then perhaps you have deeper problems than hating your ME coursework. Look it up in any university course catalog.

    In my experience, IE's were weak on the "hard" engineering subjects but strong in other subjects like accounting, business, management theory, statistics, optimization,and what not. My exposure to the IE workload and their mindset led to my nickname for IEs: "Industrial Accountants." I wouldn't give two cents for an IE who told me he could do mechanical design or transient heat transfer analysis, but I'd certainly respect his opinion about how to layout a factory in order to optimize its operations and run its capital equipment at highest utilizations.
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