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Question: how do you back up your Android Phone?

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    What your method to back up your Android phone? A whole back up or partial back up instead?

    I usually back up my content individually via Android desktop manager.

    How about your option?
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    I use adb shell to do that and back up the whole phone.
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    well, impressed. via command line?
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    I have a nexus 4. Because the bootloader is unlocked on the nexus line, I flashed a custom recovery on mine (TWRP) and make backup images of the phone from there which then I copy via ADB (over the USB cable) over to my computer for storage. This is a rather complicated way to do it but it is an image backup of the phone and copies literally everything. Something that needs to be done before modifying system files, in case you soft brick your phone (render unbootable)

    For the average user, the simplest way would be to use the software package provided by the manufacturer of the phone. It's not as comprehensive as what I do but it's a gazallion times easier to setup and do, plus you get to choose exactly what you are backing up so its way faster.

    If you have root access on your phone, then I recommend Titanium Backup.
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    Titanium Backup is a mobile app runs on your phone, it works very slowly if back up large files, I think the best and safe solutions is back phone data to computer. I personally used Moibledic Mobile transfer, one click to backup and restore, but it's not free.
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    Because I have a Google Nexus phone and use the Google calendar and Gmail and Gmail Contacts, everything that matters (i.e., my email and contacts) just work automatically as soon as I logged on to Google using the phone. I can add contacts using my Desktop computer or my phone, and it immediately syncs across the platforms. I also use Google Keep. It's just bliss--no need to worry about losing contacts ever.

    But if I lost my phone, I would have to reinstall all the apps.

    And then, of course, Google's cloud knows everything about me. Sigh.
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    Yeah, I agree the process would be very slowly if the files were larget.

    The contacts are in safe with Google service. it also applies to photo and other files with Google Drive
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    That's too complex, if you have budget,you can buy Mobiledic Android manager tool, it's $39,I used it for 3 months, it works fine!
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    Sorry, I forget to give you the Moibledic link:
    If you need to back up the contacts:

    If you need to back up the text messages to computer.

    Note, you need to install the driver on your computer, or it doesn't identify your phone.
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