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Question in pilot wave theory

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    1. v=∇S/m is still discrete? i mean the motion of particle still quanta or continuous?
    2. so v is the velocity of the particle(group) or wave(phase velocity)?
    3. ∇S can be find by measure the velocity of wave or particle?
    4. So the wave is not longer associated with particle (wave particle duality)but guide the particle in the space?
    5. the idea contradict his original matter wave theory?
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    1. Velocity v is continuous.
    2. v is the velocity of the particle. (Note, however, that group velocity is a velocity of a wave.)
    3. Particle.
    4. Wave guides the particle in space.
    5. Pilot wave theory is the original de Broglie matter wave theory.

    I would also suggest you to read some basics, such as
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