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Question - Not sure about forum placement

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    I am not sure where to put this. Its for homework, but its a research paper. we have this topic

    "If in 1905 we had closed out American borders and ended immigration to our shores, choose one scientist, mathematician, engineer, or architect that would have been prevented from coming to the USA. Explore how this would have affected their acheivements, and how the world would be different today?"

    I thought of Einstein immediately, but sinceforth have been stumped for ideas. Any help? I really want to do a scientist, mathematician or engineer, not so much an architect. The paper has to be around 6-8 pages long so I also need to find information on them fairly easily.

    PS - I am sorry about not knowing where to post this, If it needs to be moved somewhere more appropriate, please direct me on how to move it.
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    Off the top of my head:

    Igor Sikorsky
    Wernher Von Braun
    Enrico Fermi
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    None. They would all go to Canada and then the US.
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    Some how I dont think my english teacher will accept that, or she'll say "explain how going through canada changed their lives, and in turn the world" or something crazy like that. Or they would go through mexico, and prolly not make it to the US
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    Ooh, pick me, pick me! I would have never been born had that happened, because my grandmother would not have been in the US, but my grandfather would have been, so my mom would have never been born, and thus I would have never been born. :biggrin:

    Oh, your teacher is probably looking for someone a little more famous than me. :redface: :frown:
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    Fermi has a great story. Under Mussolini's regime he was given the title of "His Excellency" (Sua Eccelenza) - a title he was very embarrassed about, and once announced to the guards that he was His Excellency's driver, in order to enter the premises of a party thrown for him. Then there's the priceless story about Fermi learning to speak English through reading Winnie the Pooh stories and naming many of his instruments after Pooh characters. And finally, there's the whole saga of the chain reaction (don't miss the bit about the code phrase "The Italian navigator has landed in the New World"). Add to all this, the incredible physicist that Fermi was (among the preciously tiny handful that were both excellent experimentalists as well as brilliant theorists) and his contributions to the tapping of nuclear energy as well as the fundamental physics of Fermionic systems (eg: semiconductors) and you've got yourself a great deal of really neat stuff to write about.
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    Go canda. taking in all the people we are too lazy to help
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