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Question on Scripting in Visual Basic

  1. May 6, 2005 #1
    I've been trying to figure this out for the past couple of days but I'm at a complete lost on it. I know I'm missing something or mayby it just can't be done but how can I loop over a set of files as seen in part of the script below instead of changing the file name manually?

    I have a couple hundred files that I want to analyze but I don't want to have to change the time and month in the file name manually by editing the script after each run. I though something along the lines of what I have below would work but apperently it's not. Please note that I'm relatively new at Visual Basic so any imput would be appreciated.

    Dim File As String
    Dim File1 As String
    Dim File2 As String
    Dim File3 As String
    Dim File4 As String

    Dim Mth As Integer
    Dim Tim As Integer

    For Mth = 03 To 10 Step 1
    For Tim = 17 To 22 Step 1
    File = SurferApp.Path + "\Summer Project\data\2003"
    File1 = File + "\diff\diff_2003_Mth_Tim"
    File2 = File + "\Images\diff_2003_Mth_Tim"
    File3 = File + "\Surfer Files\diff_2003_Mth_Tim"
    File4 = File + "\Grid Files\diff_2003_Mth_Tim"


    Next Tim
    Next Mth

    I should also note that the script works fine when I execute it one day at a time ... it does exactly what i want it to do ... it's only looping over all the files automatically that won't work.
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    perhaps its too late here for my to think clearly, but what exactly are you trying to do, you say analyze, but analyze for what?
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    Why don't you use the dir() function?


    Dim temp as string
    temp = dir("C:\*")
    while temp <> ""
    'do stuff to file (filepath = "C:\" & temp)
    temp = dir() 'get next file matching last call
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    Using the string "\diff\diff_2003_Mth_Tim" will not automatically substitute the values of Mth and Tim; it'll just give you a string that literally contains "\diff\diff_2003_Mth_Tim".

    Instead, use something like "\diff\diff_2003_" & Mth & "_" & Tim, which will produce strings like "\diff\diff_2003_3_17".
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