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Question regarding Negative Velocity

  1. Oct 1, 2012 #1
    On a Position-Time Graph, if you start with a negative velocity and slowly increase (Accelerate) in velocity, would you have a negative position that increases to a positive position?

    In other words, would it look like this?


    Velocity-Time Graph on the Right, Position Time-Graph on the Left. Are they correct?
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    If your acceleration is in the positive direction, then your v/t graph is correct but your x/t graph is wrong: it should look like a parabola, not two straight lines.
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    It depends on the initial position. If the initial position is zero, then you have something like your graph (I assume you meant to draw a smooth parabola but were limited by your tools :wink:). If the initial position is positive and "large" enough, the graph stays above the horizontal axis and the position never becomes negative.
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