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Quotes editing tool

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    You can manually insert quote tags by typing them
    or click on the + in the green toolbar and choose Quote

    Note also that you can add the source of the citation:
    Wikipedia is not always reliable.

    which will look like

    Next time, please ask this question in the Feedback and Announcements forum, so as not to derail the thread.
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    Put it inside of bb code quote boxes.
    Code (Text):
    [quote]Stuff you want to quote.[/quote]
    Ninja'd. D:
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    As an alternative to the other replies in this thread, you can select the text you want to quote, which opens a small dialog with choices 'Quote' and 'Reply'. Click 'Quote'.

    At the bottom of the thread, where it says 'Have something to add?' click the 'Insert Quotes...' button.

    I followed this procedure to quote what you said earlier in this thread.
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