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Reaction question?

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    1-chloro-4-vinylbenzene ----> (i) Mg Turning/ THF ---> ????
    (i) Me3SnCl

    If this reaction is done, what will be the final product?
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    What reactions do you know that involve solid magnesium? Do any of these also involve halogens?
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    no halogens

    but this reminds me of grignard reactions
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    No halogens in Grignard reaction?

    What is a Grignard reagent?
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    not sure, I just guessed.
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    Reaction of magnesium with the halogens
    This initially has chloride in it so first it would attach Mgcl to it then Me3sn
    is that correct?T
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    I figured out the answer.
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