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Reaction vessel v Steam pressure

  1. Jan 27, 2008 #1
    Hello folks

    I am building a reaction vessel that will have an inbuilt condenser for a design project at the Saint Martiin`s school of fashion in London. Problem is, I know nothing about physics. would anyone help me out on what and how I calculate the necessary elements that will prevent the vessel from popping with internal pressure once its being used.

    Much appreciated,
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    This is not a trivial problem and the design and construction of pressure vessels must comply with strict regulations, which I believe is maintained by the British Standards Institution, Pressure Vessel Design Committee. The standards would have requirements on materials and dimensions, and construction, which include welding procedures.

    What is the intended thermal capacity and pressure?

    What reaction will take place in the vessel? What is the source of thermal energy?

    Where is the condenser located?

    Pressure vessel design, construction and operation are really mechanical engineering, not physics.
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    That is quite a project. I am assuming its basic shape will be spherical?
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    As Astro' points out, any pressure vessel must comply with local laws that regulate them. You can't design and build your own without being legally certified to do so.

    I'd suggest you create a 'specification' which tells a custom pressure vessel manufacturer (of which there are many) what it is you want. You also need to consider how this vessel will be used in service. It seems like the entire process you will be putting it into must be designed, or perhaps I've missed that point. Don't know. Anyway, the process into which this vessel is going must also be designed by a qualified engineer/manufacturer.

    Can you be more explicit in what you want? If so, perhaps you can get the help you need here to get started on a draft copy of a process and pressure vessel specification which could be competitively bid on by various qualified manufacturers in your area.
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    As a quick reply I am very thankful to you guys. All those questions are already very helpful in what my research will have to go into. I am on the drawing aspect of it and will have to work in conjunction with the especialists in what the topics you rose are. Just trying to be ahead of the game as a good student. Shall come back with the answer for your questions.

    You are lovely.
  7. Feb 11, 2008 #6
    yes very frustrating even calling the ASME they could not tell what I needed to do to become certified (I live in Texas). I know they offer all kinds of training on section VIII. etc. Put if I don't get certified this seems to be more for sh#ts and giggles.

    Any suggestions Goest?
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