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Reading Group?

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    Hey everyone, I was thinking that a PhysicsForums group or topic "thing" devoted entirely to a single textbook would be popular. For instance: as I take "Electromagnetic Theory" with Griffiths "Electrodynamics" (Spring 2010, U-Minnesota Duluth), we could have a "Griffiths Electrodynamics" (group or topic "thing") existing. It would be a nice archive, too, of stuff people have, in the past, struggled with.

    Should we? Could we? How do we? Thoughts? Does it already exist, and I need only be pointed to the link?
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    Hey bjnartowt! :wink:

    Just do a forum search for "Griffiths" …

    you'll get 500 hits over the last 21 months. :smile:
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    Hi bjnartowt,

    I know exactly what you mean and think it would be great as well but I've already done Griffiths "Electrodynamics". I like the approach of a topic devoted entirely to a single textbook. I'm currently studying GR using Hartle's text. This would be my choice for such an approach.

    Does this appeal to you or anyone else who reads this? Please let me know.
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