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B Real Life Uses for Maxwell's Equations

  1. Jul 14, 2017 #1
    Can anyone please explain me some uses of maxwell's on my REAL life?
    REAL life = weapons, propulsion, tech, radio frequency and microwaves,nuclear physics(maybe);
    no REAL life = monopoles, origin of the universe, space bull, particle physics( muons,pions etc.);
    PS. I am 14 years old so don't twist out of their proper order too much.
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    Vanadium 50

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    You might want to lose the 'tude, bro.

    Anything involving electricity, magnetism, radio and light.
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    At this point in time the question is rather, what electrical device didn't have Maxwell applied during it's design? Antennas, RF interference etc etc are designed and vetted with those equations.
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    Not only that, but Ohm's Law and the Kirchhoff Laws are simplified solutions of Maxwell's equations, so anytime you use those, you actually use Maxwell.
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    Dr Transport

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    How 'bout your cell phone, tablet and computer, not to mention the network you are sending the question on......
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    Charles Link

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    Maxwell's equations in materials can be used to help explain the physics of permanent magnets=it results in a formula for the magnetic surface currents which explains the magnetic field that gets generated as well as helps explain why the magnet remains magnetized. ## \\ ## It can also be used to explain how radio frequency waves propagate, which thereby makes communications of all kinds possible with TV transmitters and radio signals etc. ## \\ ## It also explains much of how light in the visible region will be able to create things such as interference patterns, which has many applications in optical technology.
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