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Rebound height of a ball

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    If I have the velocity an object is moving up (lets make it v here), and the mass (m), how do I calculate the height it bounces to, and by using the efficiency of the ball 60% and gravity as 10 (for simplicity), how do i calculate the original height? Assume there is no wind resistance.
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    Hi, Radio.
    Is this a homework question? If so, it's in the wrong section. Anyhow, there is not enough information given to solve the problem. For one thing, how do you expect a ball that's already moving upward to "bounce"? Off of the ceiling? Off of a wall? Off of a tennis racquet? What do you mean by the "efficiency" of the ball? Gravity is 10 what? That's not even a form in which gravity can be expressed (unless you mean 10xEarth gravity).
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    what is a suitable hypothesis for the height of rebound of a tennis ball
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    Need more information to solve. I assume coefficient of restitution is 0.6. I also don't understand gravity is 10.
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    10 ms-2? If you assume velocity is v at h=0 there is enough information to calculate height using either equations of motion or energy conservation.
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