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Recomendations for Introductory Circuit Analysis Textbooks

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    As the title states, I am looking for recomendations, and explanations as to why it was a good book. Some current suggestions I have had is by Robert L. Boylestad. Thanks in advance!
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    Electric Circuits by Nilsson and Riedel is excellent. You can get a used copy of an older edition for a couple of bucks. It is worth it. Elementary Circuit analysis hasn't changed much in the last 50 years so a new edition isn't needed.
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    I just used Nilsson and Riedel for a begginer circuits course. It was sub par to say the least. I used "Fundamental of Electric Circuits" as a backup, and found it explained topics with increased clarity, providing pertinent examples to supplement theory and technique.
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    That's funny, I had almost the opposite experience. I guess it just goes to show that the OP should try a variety of textbooks and find one that works for him or her.
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    I agree. At least for me, using a variety of sources (Google, Simulation SW (e.g. Multisim), various textbooks, was key to obtaining a greater grasp of the subject matter. Everyone learns differently.
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    This is a really hard one as you haven't indicated either the academic level or the direction you are heading. I am assuming first/second year university level

    The books so far are quite good but are basically headed towards analog electronics.

    Nilsson has a good book of his own entitled 'Electric Circuits' which is more circuit oriented.

    From this side of the pond you could look at

    Electrical Principals by D W Tyler which contains all the essentials, well explained of electric circuits, including some electromagnetism and electrostatics and transmission lines, up to simple Laplace Transforms. But no electronics.

    For Electronics and general circuit theory try

    Principles of Electronics Analog and Digital by Fortney

    As the title suggests you also get a good intro to digital stuff, simple sampling and signal theory.

    But the others are right you will not get it all in one book.

    go well
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