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Recommend me a software for

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    Recommend me a software that allows users to record audio from any type of streaming or non-streaming sound to MP3 formats for the best compatibility for MP3 Players. As it would help me to record only audios from my online lectures.

    thanks in anticipation.
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    I had a problem once that required a solution like this, and I found some free programs for Windows XP that do what you are asking (search google for 'record any audio'), but I don't recommend them because they all modified the sound card drivers and made the machine less stable.
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    conversion ,ok ! but first i need a software to record the sounds!
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    It's a firefox plugin in. It'll pick up almost anything. Even has some basic conversion, and for a price (I think it's like $20) you can get the upgraded version that even has ,mp3 conversion.
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    Thanks :)
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    There is a program called TotalRecorder which intercepts and records any audio played through your computer.
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    Audacity is nice, but its a lot of work for that, and I'm not sure you could just stream into it...

    TotalRecorder or Download Helper seem like the best two options.
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