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Redox and the product Asea

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    Redox and the product "Asea"

    Has anyone else ever heard of this stuff? I notice from the video that they claim to be "very scientifically backed," according to the homeopathic Dr.. Does anyone have any Scientific Data or insight regarding this product, or or the "Redox" on which it depends?
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    Re: Redox and the product "Asea"

    Typical crank product IMO, it's got all the hallmarks.
    • A list of authority figures in an array of suits, shirts and lab coats
    • Some background science that is technically correct
    • A lot of background science that isn't technically incorrect but is exaggerated or taken out of context
    • Extensive CGI videos and music
    • No technical explanation for how the product works (unless you go digging)
    I'm watching the product video now and the fact that the first minute or so focuses on the fact that in the past people have said things are impossible (that later turned out to be possible) rings alarm bells. Seriously if you start a presentation with "ancient Roman philosophy X said that all invention was done. Wasn't he silly?? Bear that in mind whilst we tell you about our unbelievable product..." it's pretty obvious that your product is rubbish.

    Regarding the product itself it is apparently a cocktail of agents that are put in a drink. This is typical amongst crank products, the thought chain (and advertising tactic) is essentially "X is vital to health, this drink contains X..." without any evidence that consuming X will actually do anything. There is no peer-reviewed evidence I can find for this product and nothing to show for it beyond adverts which offer CGI, quotes and authority statements but no actual data.
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    Re: Redox and the product "Asea"

    Yeah, that was my first impression as well.
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