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Related Rates cylinder problem

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    A cylinder is placed in oven where both the height and base radius expand at 0.1 mm/min. When the height is 250 mm and the radius of the base 30 mm, the volume is expanding at ......mm3 /min. (Answer to nearest whole number)

    r=30, h=250, dr/dh=0.1, dh/dt=0.1

    dV/dt = (pi)r^2(dh/dt) + 2rh(dr/dt)
    =(pi(30)^2(0.1) + 2(30)(250)(0.1)

    Can anybody please show me where I'm going wrong with this one?
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    [tex]V=\pi r^2h[/tex]

    You're missing a pi term!

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    Thanks roco!
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