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Relation between force and velocity

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    Can any any please tell realtion between velocity and force please tell soultion of the problem
    and how to convert velocity in the form of force how can we convert
    Force applied vertically from below to the center of the cover either using a head ball ∅ 165 mm
    with a force of 2,500 N through a sheet of wood the size of the transparent area,
    16 mm thick between the ball and the glass cover.
    Push-out speed: 5 to 6 mm/s
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    Hi dineshajay, welcome to PF :smile: !

    You want to post your problem in the homework section. Filling in the template is a good way to get an overview of the complete problem. What you posted so far is defijitely incomplete and rather incomprehensible to most readers. I realize the translation into English may be a barrier, but try to make it a complete story.

    With regards to your starting question (A nice way to introduce yourself to a bunch of physics enthousiasts!) :
    There is a relationship between force and acceleration, known as Newton's law: Force = mass times acceleration, or ##\vec F = m \, \vec a## ).

    And acceleration is the change in velocity per unit time: ##\vec a = {\Delta \vec v \over \Delta t}## (with non-constant acceleration this is understood to be in the limit for ##\Delta t \rightarrow 0 ##
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