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Relationship between m and c

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    Does anyone know the relationship between m, mass and c, the speed of light ? Can anyone draw the graph for me ? Thanks !
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    Andrew Mason

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    Welcome to PF Sunanda!!!

    I am having difficulty understanding your question. c is constant for all frames of reference. Mass can be anything. What makes you think there is a relationship between them?

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    Oh ! Sorry for the misleading question ! What i meant, is, C is only achievable when m = 0, and when m increases, how does it affects C ? Hope you can understand my question now. I'm bad at interpreting
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    Okay. I'm changing my question. I'm confused with C just now. What i actually meant is, the maximum speed achievable.
    E.g. , when m = 0 , highest v possible = C
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    There's no relationship of the sort that you're looking for. Massless particles move at speed c always; massive particles can move at any speed between zero and c.
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