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Relativistic World Of Existence

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  1. Oct 18, 2006 #1
    There are certain possibilities for the form of existence from my point of view but one of these possibilities seems to be really logical and sounds very likely to be true which is given as follows I'd be glad to recieve your comments on this subject;

    Let’s imagine two astronomers traveled to a far planet & when landing on the other planet they crashed and the spacecraft got so many hits that both astronomers got injured horribly and forgot whatever they knew… even the language. So they had to start a whole new life on the unknown planet, First of all they had to make a language so that they could communicate together, As they went out of the spacecraft, there was a huge stone so they had to give a name to it. Now this is a very tricky event, because whatever each astronomer would see out of that stone, they gave a name and both used the name to describe a stone. How can we get sure that both of the astronomers saw the stone gray in color? Or the same in size? or… What ever they saw they called it the same… What I’m trying to say is that we can’t be sure that what you see out of this world is absolutely the same is my observation, because whatever you see out of something you have a specific name for it and even if I see the same object absolutely different I’ll call it the same as you hence the differences in the observation cant be understood at an instance.
    Let me give another example as well, Imagine a newborn baby and his mother, the mother starts to teach how to speak and what to call different items, the mother doesn’t knows how the observations made by the baby look like but it is assumed to be the same, even if different the baby will learn the same words for different objects as used by the mother… For some clarity in the paper lets imagine a supernatural eye which can observe everything as it is, and two human observing a color which is as x to the supernatural eye, the color is observed as y by the fist person and z by the second person, but both first and second person have learnt to call it as the color c in other words we should have three different virtual worlds that we live in; 1) Personal World
    2) Relative World
    3) Real World
    Returning back to the example the color was observed differently by each person it appeared as y to the first and z to the second, as there observations are within there personal world, But they live in the relative world because even that they observed different colors relative to each and other, they both called it as the color c & didn’t even noticed the difference in colors relative to each and other. Though in the real world the color was to be observed as ‘x’.

    As shown above we somehow live in an illusionary world made by us & cant simply understand what the truth is… There are several things that this module can prove such as the extraordinary abilities of some people like traveling on the stone watching the future and many more… In other words everything is possible from this point of view.
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  3. Oct 18, 2006 #2
    The eyes sees what they see. Its the brain that disphyfer the information to some meaning. And the brain have evolved throu the million of years it has existed to show things as it is else it would make things not look like they are and by that exposing its "host" (the body/itself) for danger. if it doesnt see a lion as a lion but as a rabbit it will instantly take it for granted it isnt a threat and by that just sit calm waiting for it while if it sees it as a lion it will instintcly associate it with danger and run away. Certain animals appherens is pre-programmed as dangerous and certain colors aswell wich humans naturaly assume is danger since its imprented deep inside the brain. So this reasoning dont work

    Use your processing power for something usefull instant of ideas that serves no purpose
  4. Oct 18, 2006 #3
    Well zelos you didn't really get what I mean, when it comes to your example; the brain which has evaulated the lion as a rabbit doesn't exists in this module of mine, the brain which finds the shape of a lion as a rabbit relative to the supernatural eye finds the apparent lion or in other words what YOU call rabbit dangerous... it means that brain wont even know that it is a rabbit, because that specific brain calls the rabbit as a lion and hence feels the danger and runs away.

    I hope it's clear enough, there are many uses of this module as well... it first of all sugests to try understanding the personal world and shows us three different boundries of existence...
  5. Oct 20, 2006 #4
    everything is arbitrary. subject to perception and opinion
  6. Oct 20, 2006 #5
    all brains has to decode the information in simular way else all preprogrammed data we contain becomes useless
  7. Oct 20, 2006 #6
    Ouchparadoxhurts is absoloutly right from my point of view, No zelus, all the programs wont become useless because the programmed data within a person's brain is actually relative to its understandings... Just concentreate on the idea by taking the first human beings trying to create a language, when the first person tried calling a colour as x no matter what the other person would observe had to call it x because even if they observed differently they wouldn't understand the difference hence they live in the relativistic world and not the reality.
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