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Removing condensation from a cooling jacket

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    I have a glass vessel with a cooling jacket which previously had cold water running through it. However now it is disconnected from the pump and the jacket is empty, and there is condensation in the jacket from the little water that was left in there.

    How can I get rid of this condensation? Would a vacuum work? Is there a liquid I could put through the jacket that does not condense? I could put the vessel in an oven but I'm worried the plastic parts will melt and I dont want to risk the glass vessel cracking.

    I need to take photos of the reactions happening in the vessel but I cant see them properly due to the condensation. I tried filling the jacket with water, but even though its transparent the surrounding water is interferring with the photography.

    Anyone heard of anything like this before?
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    Warm air stream through jacket or round the outside . Hair dryer on low .
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    Will try thanks! Also (don't know why I didn't think of this) Acetone! I can run it through and it shouldn't condense!

    Thanks again!
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    Acetone and evacuating with a vacuum works well. For anyone with this problem in future
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    For a permanent solution (for long-term downtime), you can get a nitrogen bottle, blow nitrogen through it, then cap it. No moisture will be in it at all.
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