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Renormalized Feynmann Rules (derivation)

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    I'm studing the basics of renormalization (with phi^4 theory) and once you write the renormalized lagrangian with the counterterms, how do you derive the feynmann rules asociated to the kinetic counterterm?

    ---∅--- = i(p^2 δ Z - δ m) How??...
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    Do you know how to derive the Feynman rule for e.g. the phi^4 interaction turn? You can treat the two counterterms ##\delta_m \phi^2## and ##\delta_Z \partial_\mu \phi \partial^\mu \phi## as new interactions, and derive the associated Feynman rules for the vertices they produce in the same way you derive the Feynman rule for the familiar phi^4 interaction term.
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    Yes I did it,
    I was puzzled because at first glance it seemed to me arbitrary regard this kinetic counterterm as part of the interaction hamiltonian and the standar kinectic term not, but I have clarified myself.
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