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Reques of data heet or specs for 2 Tela electromagnets

  1. Mar 22, 2009 #1
    I was asked to design and build an electromagnet that generates a magnetic field of 2 T. I find it a good idea to have a look at the specs of such magnets made by specialized manufacturers to help me to choose the required type of iron. I searched for information (data sheet or specs) using search engines but I was lost in a flood of tens of thousands of results that have nothing to do with what I need. Can you help me to know where can I find data sheet or specs of 2 T electromagnets?
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    What size of air gap and pole tip length and width do you need? A standard box "H" magnet is best shape. How long do you need to keep the field on? If it is dc, you will need water cooled coils. What kind of DC power supply (volts, amps) do you have?

    The strongest iron magnet I ever worked on was the magnet for E. O. Lawrence's 184" (pole tip diameter) cyclotron magnet. The gap was about 15" . The iron saturated at about 1.5 Tesla. The rest of the field came from "Helmholtz coils". The total power was about 2 megawatts. You are not going to get iron that will go to Tesla. You will have to design for 1.8 Tesla iron plus 0.2 Tesla Helmholtz coils.

    Look at http://www.walkerscientific.com/Products/Product_Lines/Electromagnetics/electromagnetics.html#Specifications [Broken]
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