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Where can I find a controller for a 3 Phase AC motor?

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    I'm working on a project with a team in building a motor. My task is to find a controller for the motor, but I haven't had much luck.
    Here are the specs for it :

    Permanent magnet synchronous motor,
    3 phase
    8 pole
    2 layer winding
    100 kw power

    The motor is AC. If somebody can even point me in the right direction that would help greatly.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Wow, ambitious project.Good luck.

    Why do you need a controller? Variable frequency? Starting?
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    If you google "variable frequency drive" you'll get a lot of hits.....but 100 kW is a big motor and this won't be cheap.
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    jim hardy

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    Learn about them by searching on keywords in manufacturers' literature.

    for example
    should get you started on distinction between "contactor" "soft start" and "VFD"

    I guess this is a low budget learning exercise ?
    It'd be good experience for you guys to repair one . That'd require you to figure out how they work. They show up on Ebay occasionally
    I found recently in my favorite metal recycle yard a brand new Motortronics 150hp reduced voltage soft starter . Looks just like this one but has some damage to a corner of the circuit board from when they tossed it off the truck at junkyard. I think the guys didn't appreciate what it was..

    Plenty of parts in there for a future welder enhancement project, ...(is "Hot Rod Lincoln" too awful a pun ?)

    point being, you don't have to start from absolute scratch.

    old jim
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    Thank you so much for your help everyone! I will tell the project manager what you all have written and hopefully provide more answers to what I require.
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