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Requirements on Quantum Field Theory to be correct physical theory?

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    In some class notes I found those conditions interpreted as a "five requirements on Hamiltonian of physical system":

    1. Unitarity -> Hamiltonian has to be hermitian operator
    2. Claster decomposition (microcausality and locality) -> (? missing part)
    3. Poincare invariance -> Hamiltonian invariance under Poincare transformations
    4. Stability -> Hamiltonian has to be under bounded
    5. Renormalizability -> Form of interaction Hamiltonian is restricted (?)

    Those notes are very concise and not so reader friendly (and some parts missing), so I search in books for further explanations, but I can't find those requirements in any book structured like this in one place.

    Anyone know some book or text with this topic ("requirements for qft to be correct phisical theory" or something like that) ?

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    I am not sure but I would recommend to check Weinberg, QFT I-II
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