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Research ideas for a high school student

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    I am new to this forum and to research itself. I am a high school students that wants to do a physics research project to put on my college resume and to prepare myself for college curriculum. Right now I am a student pilot so i was thinking of doing something with aerodynamics or aeronautically related. However I am not particularly picky but i want to try to stay away from theoretical research. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    T. LoCurto
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    An easy and trendy open-ended theme is rechargable battery efficiency. Charge up some niMH batteries, carefully recording joules needed to charge, and then discharge, measuring joules of work. Experiment with charging schedules, different types of batteries, temperature variations, etc. Wrap it all up with hand-waving comparisons to electric car needs and fuel efficiency. Give it a title like "Analysis of niMH vehicle battery charging characteristics and hybrid automobile efficiencies." and it will look really great on any college app.
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    Thank you so much for your reply, I could definitely use that and it wouldn't be too hard to do. It is also a major topic in today's technology, so I might just use that. Thanks again!
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