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Research in mechanical engineering- what is it all about(just general idea)

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    Research in mechanical engineering-- what is it all about(just general idea)


    I'm a student of mechanical engineering and I'd like to do an MS degree following my undergrads.

    Up till now, I've had experience in only simulation based research i.e. during my final year project, my instructor asked me to to reproduce a biological system on a software called COMSOL and by varying inputs to the model, we could guess how it would behave if such stimuli were applied to the system in real life.

    However, if I do an MS degree, will I be doing this kind of work or is research in MS totally different?

    The bottom line is that I need to know what research is all about and what qualities I need to have to be a successful researcher.

    How is the research in mechanical engineering different from that in mainstream Physics/Chemistry?
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    Re: Research in mechanical engineering-- what is it all about(just general idea)

    Research is research regardless of whether it is in mechanical engineering or physics. The most important qualities you will need are an inquisitive mind and some measure of attention to detail. The research itself can take many forms depending on your research interests and whether or not you are a computational guy or an experimental guy.
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