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Resolution of reports

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    I've just received a notice in my alerts that a recent report of mine has been resolved. I can see a summary of the notice, but not enough information to know what it is regarding, or what the full message is.

    Below is what I see, but there's no link or further information. How do I find out what this is about?

    This happens each time I get some feedback from admin.

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      Your recent report has been resolved: Post in thread 'Question of Gravitatation... Do see to it ..' - resolved
      Today at 11:53 AM
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    There is no further information. What information do you require? The post you reported titled 'Question of Gravitatation... Do see to it ..' has been resolved.
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    You reported a misplaced homework thread, the title of which was "Question of gravitation... Do see to it..." and one of the mentors (Greg, in this case) closed the report by removing the offending thread. That message was your notification that we noticed the report and did something about it; we don't generally add a note saying that we resolved the report by deletion because you can see for yourself that the thread has gone away.
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    OK, I see. It was unclear to me what the message was. I guess the ... Do see to it .. part threw me.
    Well, only if I manually go searching for a thread with that title and it comes up empty.

    Anyway, no problem. I thought something was broken or at least missing from the feature.
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    Sending an alert to the person who made the report is something that many of us mentors are trying to get in the habit of doing now. The idea is to "close the loop" for people like yourself who report a post, to indicate that something has actually been done regarding your report.
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    That's now working ( over the last week or 2) and its appreciated .... Thankyou :)
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