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Reverence of parents is a MUST ?

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    Taught by most ethics of different civilizations.

    Is it necessary to revere your parents even though they divorce ?
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    I will answer this question with a question. Is it necessary to revere your parents? I love them but they are human as I.
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    will you revere your parent just because they didn't divorce??
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    That depends (as others have already mentioned) on whether you revered them before they got divorced. After all, the amount of respect you give to your parents shouldn't change just because they have left each other (unless, of course, one of them has "left" you also, in that they have alienated theirself from you - in which case, I know I would have less respect for them).
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    I think this is a case of biological usefulness. The love one has for family and parents is critical to the success of the human species. Societies have adopted that into a generalised law. In most cases, parents are less to do with biological parents but the entities which offer you shelter and aid during development.
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    I think that it is important to remember that they are human as well, and capable of shortcomings. But you should be understanding of imperfections, as you would hope someone to be understanding of yours.

    I don't think that divorce is the most important aspect of determining whether or not you respect someone.

    In most cases, reverence for parents promotes a healthy, mutualistic relationship. In some cases, such as when parents are heavily abusive, a lack of reverence for the parents can be to the benefit of the child who may leave his/her parents for a better life.

    All-in-all, revering parents isn't always necessarily, but it's most often a good idea, as long as you don't hold your parents to be infallible.
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    I think that reverence is the wrong word. They are infallible and this must be recognised.

    However, one must recognise that they generally feed/ cloth/ look after you for the first 18 years of your life, and for which you must be unmeasurably grateful. They are generally the ones who love you the most.
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