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Reverse Twins paradox ?

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    Reverse Twins paradox ???

    This may have come up before but I havent seen it and dont know the answer.

    What if the twins started out in two ships moving together at relativistically significant velocity relative to earth. One of the twins then simply goes to earth and back while the other maintains unform motion.

    In this situation who ends up older????
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    Re: Reverse Twins paradox ???

    The one that changed direction and accelerated four times.
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    Re: Reverse Twins paradox ???

    for the worldlines of two observers who meet up at two different events, the one which has a longer Euclidean length between these two events, will have a shorter Lorentzian length, thereby a shorter proper time and consequently the corresponding observer remains younger. draw a diagram.
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    Re: Reverse Twins paradox ???

    Oops, I mean to say that the one that changed direction and accelerated four times is the younger not the older one. My apologies.
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