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Review articles

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    Howdy Ppl,

    If you have seen the General relativity primer by Richard H. Price, published in American Journal of Physics, Vol. 50, p.300, at the top you will see it says:

    Editor's Note:
    This review article, the second in the series, is made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

    Its an awesome article to learn from and the above comment suggests that there are others of the kind :DDD If you know of any such article in AJP, or can find one, please post the link here. Thanks.
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    Sorry mods, I mistakenly posted this in the wrong forum. Please transfer it to the Learning Materials forum.
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    Does anybody knwo the reference to the first articel in the series?
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    @Goldbeetle: here's the link to the article:

    http://scitation.aip.org/vsearch/servlet/VerityServlet?KEY=AJPIAS&CURRENT=NO&ONLINE=YES&smode=strresults&sort=rel&maxdisp=25&threshold=0&pjournals=AJPIAS&pyears=2001%2C2000%2C1999&possible1=general+relativity&possible1zone=article&SMODE=strsearch&OUTLOG=NO&viewabs=AJPIAS&key=DISPLAY&docID=13&page=1&chapter=0 [Broken]

    So nobody knows any other such article??
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