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Right, wrong, good and bad

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    what do the terms right, wrong, good and bad actually mean? do they even have a definition? It seems to me that they are mere constructs of the human mind with no absolute meaning whatsoever. the only definition I can think of for good is that it is the opposite of bad. I havent read any philosophy on this exact topic so I would be interested in hearing your opinions.
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    Right/wrong/good/bad are usually terms attached to a particular culture's morality. Some things may be considered bad to a society but "okay" to a particular individual (take for instance the usage of drugs or alcohol).

    It seems like it is established more on the lines of certain credos that most people believe in. For instance, murder is almost universally accepted as a bad act in societies. So it isn't uncommon for the law to work hand in hand with certain moral acts, adjudicating it in essence. Things get kinda hairy when legislators legislate morality, but that is another topic altogether.
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