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Ring versus Disk Magnet

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    Is there a strength and/or field density difference between ring and disk magnets? I want to know which would create stronger eddy currents when dropped through a copper tube (which one would fall slower).
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    what i am asking about is are there field line dynamics that can affect the effective induction.
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    A current carrying ring does not behave the same as a disk magnet in all curcumstances. For example, if the current carrying ring is rotating then the ring will remain uncharged. However when a disk magnetc is rotating then the disk will have a non-zero charge distribution, although the net charge will remain the same. See proof I wrote and paced on my website at - http://www.geocities.com/physics_world/em/rotating_magnet.htm

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    i am not sure if you got this, but what i meant was ring magnets vs. disk magnets. (dropped through pipe)
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