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Rip-off vocals using the simplest sofwares

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    how can i rip-off vocals using the simplest sofwares(such as sound recorder) available in windows?
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    Devil, I am going to move this thread to the Software forum, where you'll get better answers on this practical topic than here.
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    Guybrush, I don't see how converting a file to mp3 has anything to do with getting the vocals from a song.

    deaddevilsdisguise, taking the vocals from a song is a very complicated task. You will need an expensive audio program to isolate the vocal frequencies. There is NO perfect and easy system to do this.
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    sorry, i didn't quite understand the question :frown:

    deaddevilsdisguise, wouldn't be easier to just search the net for the lyrics in that case?
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    Re: music

    Is the idea to save the vocals or to save the music without the vocals?
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