Rise of Nations, Gathering Exception Data?

  1. Hmmmm, i have a slight problem with RON i have recently purchased the game and have as of yet not been able to get the damn thing to play, it appears to have installed onto the computer fine without any problems but when it comes to playing the game all i can do is watch the Intro and then it shuts down, a small window with gathering exception data appears and thats all, nothing happens after that.
    Help! its really pissing me of now!
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  3. Re-install. Then make sure there's no new patch.
  4. Thanks, but i hae already done this, quite a few times. I have also tried clean-booting the computer and running it that way, but no luck with that approach.
  5. russ_watters

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    What are your computer's specs: cpu, motherboard, video card, operating system. Have you updated drivers for motherboard, video card, and checked for windows updates?

    I have this game, but haven't played it yet.
  6. Do you have the newest DirectX?
  7. Im not entirely sure about this, i am not very good with the techanical side to computers, but i think this is as follows,

    Windows 98/NT
    Pentium 3 700mhz proccessor
    Intel 810 chipset graphics driver
    256mb ram
    Have a 15gb hard drive with 11 gb free,

    hope that helps you help me, i am still searching different websites trying to find a solution and i find one before you do then i will let you know. Thanks.
  8. dduardo

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    I've done an extensive search on google and come up dry. There seems to be no current solution and you'll just have to wait until they release another patch.

    Thats Microsoft for you.

    Microsoft that is, Thanks guys for you help.
  10. Thanks alot this is really helpful, after much reading of that thread it turns out that alot of people have this problem but at different times of the game, and the games developer is supposed to be releasing a patch soon to correct this problem.

    Thank you.
  11. Andy, I don't think 'Rise of Nations' can run on Windows NT. Check to see if Windows NT is listed in system requirements for this game.
  12. Damn, i think your mite be correct, NT isnt listed as a system requirement, but here are the ones that are, XP/2000/ME/98, 98 is listed so i should have thoght it would work on NT, but i doubt it. I cant beleive i overlooked something as simple as that, will have to buy XP to play the damn game, gonna be the most expensive game ever.
  13. Greg Bernhardt

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    I'd be really surprised if the game will work on 98 and not NT. Wait for the patch. but... you should buy XP anyway, it's alot better than NT.
  14. Well i have got the patch and that hasnt helped so i will just have to get XP (talk my folks into getting it).
  15. dduardo

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    Wait a sec. who said you had to *cough* "purchase" windows xp.
  16. Based on the specs you mentioned. My suspicion is the video card. On the box, it said the minimum is a 16mb 3d card.

    And I found this link for your graphics card:

  17. Ah, well its not just XP i need then! Oh well computers are cheap enough these days and i am working full time so i might aswell get a new one. Many thanks to the Pro.
  18. Solution!!!!!!!!!!!solution!!!!!!!!!!!solution!!!! !!!!!!!

    HELLO!!! :smile:

    I had found the solution for this trouble!!! Well, the step was in the Graphics Option Menu. I puted all the cheboxes of "process" in LOW LOW!!!!!!!!!! And it`s all!!! It works!! No more "ERROR GATHERING EXCEPTION DATA"... TRY this and you will be playing for hours!!!

    Goodbye... i hope this will work in all the computers... bye :rofl:

    GmanCrid - GmanSoft® :wink:
  19. I am also having the problem with this game.

    I have the following system

    P4 2.2G Cpu
    120gb Sata Hd with 38gb free
    ATI all in wonder 9700
    O\S WinXP SP1

    any ideas?
  20. problem exists on XP too

    What does this mean? It had never occured since i bought it.I'm getting really angry.still no patch for this damn 'problem'! I request you all guys please send an e-mail to me if any patch thing is released.

    thank you...

    by the way, i tried to do what you said gman, but it didn't work.
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