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RL and CR circuit pulse train response

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    i'm having a LOT of trouble understanding pulse train response in RL and CR circuits... could someone please reccommend a good reading over the internet...
    i understand LR and RC response fairly better... and use the snapshot idea to get voltage equations etc... but its very confusing and i havent been able to find a book that explains all this very well...
    in our book they've given us Vh and Vl as the highest and lowest values and given formulae for that for RC and LR circuits... in terms of t,[tex]\tau[/tex] and Vm which is the voltage supplied...
    and i sorta get that... but then they asked us to get the peak value for an RL / CR circuit in terms of [tex]\tau[/tex] , t and Vm and i was pretty much lost... i dont know wat i'm missing but..
    is there any reading or anything or anyone who can help?? please
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    At 5RC the peak voltage on a capacitor approximates Vin.
    If Vin is on less than 5RC just compute the time on the exponential that matches the length of the pulse to get the peak voltage.
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