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Robot Arm

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    I am making a robot that entails a moveable base and a basic moving arm. I have made a force diagram using a 50kg, 110lb weight 9the maximum intended load. Doing the math (some of it I rounded) I would need at least 540 N of force to raise the weight. How could I design a shoulder joint in such a way that It would provide the necessary force to lift the weight.

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    Its not clear what you means when you say that you want the shoulder joint to lift the load. Do you want the joint to pivot, and raise the load like a human shoulder? Or do you simply want a rigid right angle should so that the load rises if the the column is raised?

    By the way, copper pipe is not a good structural material -- too weak.
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    A shoulder pivot that moves in an angular up/down fashion (when at rest 90° venturing up or down) the main beam (perpendicular to the movable arm) rotating to allow for a wide rang of motion. How do I create the moveable joint itself? And what building material?
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