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Robot Online Stores!

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    I want to get into robotics but need a starting point. I am wondering what particular robot kits i should buy first and where I should buy them! Any online sites that any of you guyz favor?

    Thanks for your time :)
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    Take a look at http://www.parallax.com/" [Broken] the basic stamp and a BOE are a good place to start.

    You might also be able to find a http://www.usfirst.org/" [Broken] robotics team in your area.
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    Is there a particular book that anybody recommends to get started in the field?
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    Solarbotics is also pretty decent, and may be cheaper if you're Canadian (they're based out of Calgary):

    As for getting started, look up some hobbyist website / forums. Or the Books section of any of the stores above (and you can give them a call and see if they can recommend a book; usually, they'll be owned / operated by hobbyists, and not completely in it to ramp up sales, especially with newbies.)
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    There's a lot of good info here, too:


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    I second the BOE bot. The basic stamp is a good way to start and the provided book is well written and easy to follow. I started with a regular basic stamp and legos and it was certainly a good way to go. The only problem is that basic stamps are so easy to use you will want to use them with everything project instead of using other cheaper controllers.
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