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Rocket balloon, HElp

  1. Oct 20, 2005 #1
    Rocket ballon with gravitaion?????

    Our teacher just gave us a priject to complete and i cannot figure it out. :grumpy: first of all we have limited supplies. we can use 5 ballons, 6 straws, 10 paperclips, 5 rubberbands, a whole roll of masking tape, scissors and a guide wire that cannot be altered. Our goal is to get the a balloon to go across the room one way and back. Our limitations are we can only use the supllies given to us, we cannot intervene with the contraption after setting it up, and the guide wire cannot be altered from its position, which is parrallel to the floor. i have already gooten acroos one way but i can't find a way to bring it back. My teacher hinted it had somthing tod o with gravity, but i can't figured it out. i've spent a couple hours dor two days on this and can't come up with the solution. I have to turn in my design by tommorow AND i have to show that my experiment works, i only get 2 trails. Any ideas PLEASE :eek:
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