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Rolling together percentages probabilities

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    Wondering if you gals/guys could help me here.

    For simplicity sake, say you have slot machine. To win the game all four balls must appear in four slots. Three of the balls are blue and one red. The 2nd slot is reserved for the blue ball. As for the red balls, they can only appear in the remaining slots, 1st, 3rd and 4th.

    There's a fixed 10% chance that red will activate, there's only a 2% chance blue will activate. The event must be in that exact series for you to win.

    I'm totally lost, and this is over my head assuming that "binomial distribution" is needed. How do I calculate these percentages together to find what the percentage of me winning that game would be.

    a 10% followed by a 2% followed by a 10% followed by a 10%

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    Not sure if your logic is right, but your math is wrong. 2% would be 0.02, not 0.2.
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    I tried typing that w/ the tex tags and it auto-filled that value?
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    edit never mind it edited it now. :)
    how do you force it?
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    whoops, sorry for the double post
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